✦Commissions Info✦

‼Please read the terms of service before commissioning‼

I'm still working in the website! Please have patience ♥

✦Emote, Emoji & Stickers✦

$20 USD each

• Emotes/Emojis packaged in a folder with appropriate sizes for Twitch and Discord!
• Includes 500px HD file
• If you want the Uncropped version ($5 each), please state this in the commission form

✧ You can use the "Uncropped" version for Discord stickers, Panels or Alerts ✧

YCH Emote
$15 USD each

• Premade emote designs made by Miffurin and Emphy
• Not design modification allowed
• Includes sizes for Twitch and Discord, also 500px HD file
• No Uncropped version available

Animated Emote
$40 USD each

• Simple motion (*)
• Includes 4 sizes (28px, 56px, 112px, 300px) for emote, you can use them on Discord as well)
• Static PNG file for thumbnail included
• Includes emote and animation
• I don't animate other person emotes

(*) simple animated GIF includes eyes blinking, moving hearts/shines, moving hands, etc

I'm still working in the website!

I'm still working in the website!

I'm still working in the website!

I'm still working in the website!

I'm still working in the website!


last updated: July 2023

Please read this thoroughly before ordering a commission from me.
By commissioning me, you agree to the terms and conditions of service stated in this document.
Please be noted that the contents in this document are subject to change without previous notice, so always check first before placing your order.

FULL PAYMENT IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO START WORKING Work will no start unless payment has been received. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS (except some exceptions)*PAYMENT ONLY PAYPAL [All Prices are in USD] Paypal fee is already included in the prices• The invoice will be sent by vay.demona(a) gmail(dot)com, any other mail is a SCAM (don't send any payment unless I approve it first) Please don't send any money without confirmation.
After accepting your commission I will notify you and I will send an invoice to the PayPal address you provided.
• Orders already on the waiting list aren't affected with price updates.
For any reasons, if the customers ask for a refund I won't work with them in the future anymore.

✧Copyright & Usage Policy:
COMMISSIONS ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY (website, banners, etc). Emotes and any kind of artwork may not be used on FOR-PROFIT MERCHANDISE (shirts, stickers, etc.) If you would like to acquire the COMMERCIAL USE please specify it on the contact form.
WITHOUT commercial purchase, the CLIENT is allowed to:
> Use the copyrighted artwork for personal use
> Print the art for themself, and claim the right of their character(s) but not the drawing itself.
> Use the art to promote themselves in social media with proper credit given to the artist.
• Altering the artwork in significant ways without consent is not allowed. Do not edit, modify, recolor or trace it. However you can crop, resize or re-frame and use as part of other designs as you wish.• Re-selling commissioned artwork is not allowed.• None of my works can be used or sold as Non-fungible tokens or used to train AI.You MUST credit me when using my work (e.g. Twitter: @vaydemona or vaydemona.net)• I have the right to use and upload all my artwork made by me for my own personal use. That includes the ones you commission even if you buy the Copyright/Commercial Use.
NEVER share the High Resolution files or the PNGs even if it is on your discord. You don't know if anyone there will take it and spread it elsewhere or even retrace it. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THEM. They are for your personal use only, not the rest
Failure to follow these terms will result in being blacklisted or DMCAs.

✧General conditions:
• I can decline your commission if I'm not comfortable with the idea or the characters.• I can reject a order if you don't give me enough information of your commission so please, include as much detail as possible in your inquiry regarding your commission.• If the customer cannot keep contact for a long time (6 months or more) I'll drop the commission• Please do not rush me, I need time to complete the work. Bad manners or impatience will not be tolerated and will end the commission immediately WITHOUT REFUND. If you are an impatient person, don't commission me• Consider my drawing style before ordering. I cannot change my style to emulate someone else's• Only 3 Major revisions allowed, if you wanna change something important after you approved the sketch, it will costs extra.• Delivery days depends in the commission type, also depends on how many you ordered and your feedback. I rarely ask for more time, but it is only in case of illness or emergencies (I'm human after all)• I may respond to inquiries/messages but I do not actively work on weekends so don't expect updates in those days.• Sometimes I will stream the whole progress on my Twitch• I'll use your Twitch/Twitter link to display the work I did for you, this is the way to let people know that you are the commissioner of that artwork and only YOU can use it.• For any reasons, if the customers ask for a refund, MAYBE I will refund and I won't work with them in the future anymore.Contact me via email, Twitter or Discord if you wanna discuss your order first.

✧I can draw: ✔️✧I will not draw: ❌
Original Characters/VtubersVERY muscular men
Yourself (in some cases)Mecha, VERY mechanic stuff
Pets/AnimalsRealism/Cartoon style
FurryHateful material
Lewd or NSFW*No face/masked characters
Robots, as long as they aren't TOO detailedExact or very similar copies of other emotes of mine or other artists
Armors and weapons will be simplifiedAny art related to my OCs

* +30% base price, ONLY ask for this if you are 18 years old or older

✦How I work and how you'll receive your updates✦

• The image above is my workflow, and progress pics will be given at every step "sketch, lineart, flat colors and final colors" (mayor revisions in sketch and flat color steps) (only 2 or 3 corrections are allowed in total)
• I will be in contact with you through the whole progress via email, twitter or discord!
• Note that extra revisions and changes slow down the process A LOT. So beware!
In this stage I start defining the character and pose/emotion. Depending on the complexity and the description there can be only one sketch or several sketches. Your revision here is SUPER important! Will impact in the whole process so please keep this in mind and be SUPER clear in this point
I will start with one super messy sketch to show you to give you an idea of the commission on which you can comment on how you would wanna change it or add things. Major things can be changed during this sketch stage ONCE. Small things (small details and stuff like “can you make the eyes bigger?” don't really have a limit, I will tell you when I think the edits are starting to be too much. When the sketch is done I will send it to you to be greenlit and will then start the lineart.
Here I clean up the sketch and leave the drawing ready for the coloring stages. (No revision needed)
✦Base Colors:
Here I add the colors, no shadows or gradients at first only flat, this stage is just to make sure the colors are accurate. (Revisions regarding colors are welcome)
I will send you a pic of how the flats are looking for any correction. Keep in mind that the base colors are only a guide, not the final result.
Colors can be changed but not more than once.
✦Final Colors:
This is the last stage, At the very end I often play a bit with colors and some layer filters to really finish up the drawing.
When I have shown the finished products I will give you a final option if you might want to edit something small. Maybe if you want a highlight to be brighter, a minimal color correction or something similar, nothing big.
Full refunds wont happen.

✦How to send References✦

I cannot quote your commission without FULL details on what you want! Please be as specific as you can when filling out the form. Please include inspiration/reference images of the idea you have in mind.

For emotes:

For Badges:

For Chibis:

✦Rights Information✦

COPYRIGHT: +35% of the amount
• You have the layered PSD file, can do anything with them except selling or monetization purposes
• If you want to use as game assets, song covers, of if want to edit them for animation.
• This includes the right to edit, modify or recolor my artwork ONLY FOR ANIMATION
COMMERCIAL USE: +50% of the amount
• You have the layered PSD file, you can sell them or use for any kind of monetization
• For artwork that will be sold as merchandise ex: stickers, pillows, prints, keychains, etc
• If you plan to use my work for monetized streams please choose this option
(Includes Copyright)

✦You can contact me at:✦

Discord Vay#7929 (please DM on Twitter before adding me on Discord)
Google FORM
Filling the form below (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
Puedes contactarme en Español también (〃^▽^〃)

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